September 15th Class Takeaways

Google Analytics Academy
Paul started the day off today by talking about Google Analytics. This has always been something that I wanted to learn more about. I think that Google Analytics could really improve my marketing skills. My whole life I have had an analytical personality and I think that I would enjoy doing market research for a career someday. Google Analytics would probably be a program that I use a lot. What I learned about it today is that Google has a Google Analytics Academy. On the website above, they have many self-studies that anyone can do for FREE! Next time that I have some free time I would like to take the Digital Analytics Fundamentals course. Some of the lessons in this course are Understanding Google Analytics Data, Navigating Google Analytics Reports, Navigating Conversions Reports, and Collecting Actionable Data with Google Analytics. Being an entrepreneur, I think this is really important to know about because someday when I start my own business I will probably use this to collect data on the demographics and possibly even psychographics of my customers.

Ebay Store Traffic Reports

As you know I currently own my own eBay business. For my business I pay $15.95 per month to have an eBay store. This allows me to customize my own cover page for my store, access data about my items that I have for sale, allow me to list up to 150 fixed price items and 100 auction style items per month. I do not analyze the data that I receive from it as much as I probably should. It really interested me when Paul was talking about using google analytics to help improve marketing, I was wondering how I can use Ebay Traffic Reports to increase my sales. The data was collected over the last 30 days. I had 3,431 page views. Out of those page views I had a 2.0% sales rate. This means that 1 out of every 50 times that someone views an item of mine they buy it. I am happy with that rate especially due to the tremendous amount of items on eBay. Another thing that I found very helpful from a marketing standpoint is that I could see the exact words most people were searching for. This is helpful to me because I am only allowed 150 characters in each title so I have to choose my words carefully. EBay traffic reports are very helpful, but do not go as into depth as Google Analytics.

Towards the end of class Paul talked about how copywriters use keywords in their text to improve search engine optimization. I wanted to look around a little bit. I liked the idea of looking at Wisconsin micro-breweries. When I typed that in on Google, none of the company’s websites came up, but a lot of articles about the best Wisconsin microbrews came up and some had links to the websites. I then looked up both New Glarus and Central Waters Brewing Co. websites, but I was actually pretty bored by them. Then I looked up 3 Sheeps Brewing Company and that one really caught my eye. I was able to see how they used keywords within their writing to promote their brand. One thing they do a good job of is listing off all of their beers. This is smart because for example if someone is out at a bar with someone and they had the Really Cool Waterslides IPA at a bar and they really enjoyed it but they could not remember the maker of it. Well I took this example and searched those words on google and the first 3 pages that popped up all went straight to 3 Sheeps Brewing Website. They also used a lot of other words and phrases such as year round beer offerings, seasonal beer offerings, small batch series, Sheboygan, WI, Beer Festival, etc. I think this would also be a fun job to create unique stories about each type of beer.


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