September 18th Class Takeaways

I have always thought of branding of a logo and what the brand makes. That was until I took Mike’s classes. Ever since I started the marketing program I have learned that branding is actually the feeling someone gets when they hear the name, see the logo, or experience the product. In the video that mike showed today it said, “Your brand has to stand for something.” Differentiation is huge when it comes to branding. What makes your brand unique? I look at my fishing gear business that I currently own. The way I make myself different is that I make buying fishing lures easier, cheaper, and more “hip.” I also sell at trade shows and what differentiates me there is that I am the youngest of all the sellers at the trade shows. I see that I really attract the younger demographic because they feel more comfortable talking to someone their own age. I think they also have a higher level of trust that I am selling them a quality product. Another way I differentiate myself at the shows is that I hand out business cards with the name of my eBay store on them so they can check out all of the gear I have online, not just at the trade show. To summarize, by Mike teaching me about branding, I have applied what I have learned to my business that I own now and it has been successful.
Sales 2.0/Relationship Marketing

Today in class we learned about relationship marketing and how businesses create relationships with their customers. Mike showed the Coca-Cola Happiness Machine video. In this video coca cola created a fun environment by setting up a vending machine that dispensed hundreds of cokes at once, a 6 foot long sub, flowers, pizza, and more. This was a simple and inexpensive way Coca-Cola created the feeling of happiness for one community of people. Yes they only did it for maybe 200 people, but with social media and youtube, that experience reached millions. The video alone had over 7,000,000 views alone. After looking more into it I thought about bud light’s new moto “up for whatever.” This commercial played during the super bowl last year. During the commercial the guy orders a bud light and he was asked, “Are you up for whatever happens?” He said sure and then he played in a life size pacman game in the middle of a whole party of people. Bud light wants its customers to feel the happiness and good times every time they drink bud light.
CRM Software
In class today we talked about Customer Relationship Management (CRM). There are two parts of CRM. There is the personable side where usually a CRM manager organizes projects to create relationships with the customers. The second part of CRM is CRM Software. This is something that I didn’t know much about, but I researched more about some types of CRM Software. The website I found was a company with what they claim is the #1 CRM Software. They position themselves by being an all online CRM software. “ There’s no infrastructure to buy, set up, or manage — you just log in and get to work.” They use something called “The Marketing Cloud.” This allows the user of the CRM Software to plan, personalize, and optimize the customer journey. This program allows 1 on 1 customer interactions and integrates all the data in real time. This is a program that I would someday in the future maybe use. I like the idea that I can see and analyze all the data in real time.


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