September 29th Class Takeaways

Responding to Reviews
I am the type of person who is always looking at reviews of businesses online, especially service based businesses. I love to travel and anywhere I go I look at reviews before I go. I think that looking at reviews gives you the most honest picture of somewhere that you plan to travel to. Of course you will never see 100% perfect reviews because everyone’s picture of the perfect vacation is different. For example a group of 6 college students are going to want to do different activities and be in a different environment than a retired couple who just wants a relaxing weekend sitting poolside in Mexico. I definitely favor companies who respond to negative reviews on Facebook and TripAdvisor. If there is a company who gets 4 out of 5 stars but most of the bad reviews are responded to genuinely then I will chose them over a company with 4.5 out of 5 stars who never responds to a bad review. It shows me that the company cares about its customers and wants to improve on their mistakes. I found this website that had 5 great tips to for responding to negative customer reviews online. The five tips are “have a game plan”, “understand the tools at your disposal”, “Learn how to mine the gold from negative reviews”, “study at the feet of the masters”, and lastly “don’t ignore it, it won’t go away.” I recommend that everyone looks more into these tips on the website link above. This is very important because the companies who respond to negative reviews will continue to grow while the competition is satisfied at where they are at and they don’t care as much about their customers.

Positioning in commercials

The two commercials I have posted above are commercial K-Mart came out with a couple of years ago. These were very risky commercials to put out and they make the puns very clear in them. The two titles are “Ship My Pants” and “Big Gas Savings”. They are very entertaining to watch and I think K-Mart was trying to position to a younger crowd of people. I know ever since I was young I never saw many young people in K-Mart’s and I think this was K-Mart’s way of targeting younger shoppers while also getting across a point you will never forget. Targeted advertising is when a company does marketing research to figure out what demographic they want to purchase their product or visit their store. Then targeting all sorts of campaigns towards that demographic. Most likely someone probably saw this commercial on channels that the younger generation likes to watch (MTV, ESPN, FOX, etc.). While doing more research into the “Ship My Pants” campaign I saw that they created magazine ad’s as well. The biggest thing they did that lets me know they were targeting the younger generation is that they created a hashtag for the campaign, #shipmypants. It’s important to remember that when you see a catchy commercial it’s often just a part of an entire marketing campaign that a company has created.

Facebook Page
After this semester of school is over my girlfriend and I are taking a trip to the Smoky Mountains down in Tennessee. When searching for a cabin I used most TripAdvisor and Facebook to look up a good company to stay with. We chose the company called, “Cabins For You.” Facebook pages are so important to companies nowadays. Facebook is almost as important as having a website for your company. There are 3 very important reasons for your business to have a Facebook page. The first is promotions. If a company has a Facebook page they can post advertisements and promotions for free. The second reason is that customers can share experiences and reviews right on the Facebook page. The Cabins for You Facebook page had over 10,000 reviews averaging 4.3 out of 5 stars. This made me very comfortable that we would have a pleasurable experience. Lastly it is in excellent way to get new customers through word of mouth. Facebook users can invite their friends to like pages and can write on the wall of the company about enjoyable experiences which all of your friends can see on their own news feed. If you own a small business and you don’t have a Facebook Page yet I would highly recommend getting one and keeping it up to date and the customers will come to you.


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