October 2nd Class Takeaways

Catch the attention of the customer first
This website shows 50 examples of great brochure designs. I kept in mind the things that we talked about in class such as fonts, white space, colors, etc. The thing that I noticed about all the brochures that they had in common was that they all attracted the customers attention and that the customer knew pretty quickly what the brochure was about. A lot of them used catchy headers to gain the attention of the customer. These headers included pictures or logos that would catch the eye of the customer. From a marketing standpoint I noticed that each brochure was targeted towards a certain demographic or psychographic. An example of this is that the one for a farmers market. Judging by what I saw on the brochure it looked to me like it was designed for middle aged females. Its graphics were very artsy making me think it was targeted towards the hobbies of middle aged women, gardening, cooking, and art. I have also never heard of balance before today and I noticed in this brochure that it was very balanced. The amount of white space on the left and right were very close to equal.

We learned in class today that it is important for websites, brochures, and magazine ads to be balanced. The exact definition of balanced graphic design is when the visual weight is distributed evenly either vertically or horizontally. I learned that darker pictures are considered to be heavier in terms of graphic design. In response to that pictures that are less dark are considered lighter in graphic design. It is important to keep the designs balanced. I wanted to see more examples so I looked up on Google some good examples of balance. The link above is to the website I found. This website was helpful because it helped me understand the idea of balance. I have never been very good at art so I have never heard most of these terms before.

Bad Design Examples
I wanted to see some more examples of designs that do not work for people. This will help me in the future if I am looking at designs with a graphic designer that I can help understand what is good and bad in graphic design. The website I found shows many terrible designs. One of the things I noticed is that words are being covered up by graphics in some. This makes it hard to read for the customer because they have to guess what letters are being covered up. Another thing I noticed is designs that almost hurt the eye. One of them had really tight zig zag lines which made me feel dizzy. Another one had the name of the business on fire. Some of these designs have way to much content and need more white space. For fonts I saw Comic Sans a few times. The biggest issue I saw was that I couldn’t tell you what most of these designs are about. Sysomos, Cyrenian House, Fire and Hire, The Pool Doctor, and Titan were a couple of the logo’s that I did not know what they were trying to represent. I think it would be helpful for any amateurs like me to look up some bad designs to realize what to do and what not to do in graphic design.


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