October 6th Class Takeaways

Different Programming Languages


Paul talked today a little bit about the different programming languages in class. When I took the Web Development 1 class we learned about HTML and CSS and used the program Notepad++. Paul explained that once you know about 1 language it is easier to learn other ones. I found a website with the 10 best programming languages of 2015 that you should know. This explained to me the differences in the program languages which is what I wanted to learn about. There was a similar consensus throughout all of these companies and that was that they are all working to make their programming language more suitable for phones and tablets which are quickly becoming more popular than desktops. I will just talk about the top 3 Python, Java, and C++. #1 Python is an all in one programming language. Python language has the ability to expand web apps, data analysis, user interfaces, and many more, and frameworks are also available for these tasks. Python is utilized by bigger companies mostly that can evaluate vast data sets. #2 Java is currently seen as the top programming language to learn. When someone knows Java they are able to learn other languages. They have grabbed the highest position with Android OS yet again. #3 C++ is utilized immensely for creating hardware speeded games. This is known as the strongest of the programming languages. C++ is applied is in vital operating systems such as Windows.

Creating Websites


Creating websites is something we did in Web Development 1 as well. I wanted to look at it from more of a design and marketing standpoint instead of looking at it as a whole pile of code much like a web developer would look at it. I found a video on youtube about 22 tips a marketer should know when creating a website. The video went over tips on how to make sure your website is a successful one. The biggest thing that the video stressed was that in order to have a successful website there are 2 things you need to do: Get Traffic, and Convert Traffic into Buyers (Traffic + Buyers = Success). Another thing the video touched on was that it is important that a buyer knows what your website is about within 5 seconds or they will leave. We have learned about this from Mike in our marketing classes before and also in the Emerging Web Trends class when we learned about web usability. One more important thing that I want to mention is that the video explained how important it is as a website to “stay fresh.” By always putting new things on the site it is rewarding customers who come back to look at it more than once. If the website stays the same for a long period of time customers will get bored. This video recapped most of the things we have already learned about website usability, but I think it was helpful to give us a reminder of what a good website looks like and does right.

The Cloud


I have always heard about “The Cloud”, but never really knew much about it. When Paul brought it up in class today I thought maybe now would be the perfect time to learn more about it. I went to Youtube and found a video titled “What is Cloud Storage?” This is somewhat of a cheesy video, but what they did was they simplified cloud storage down for anyone like me who does not know much about it. It explained that if I have a document that I want to save, I can save it to my computer or flash drive, but it something would happen to that computer or flash drive I would lose that document. What cloud storage does is it stores that picture in a large data warehouse somewhere and the person who created the document and anyone that person shared it with can view it at any time in any place. This seems similar to google drive to me. I back up a lot of my work on google drive so if anything were ever to happen to my flash drive that I would be able to access all of my work via google drive.


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